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With budgets tight, employees being squeezed out, and few jobs on the horizon, millions of employees are doing all they can to keep their heads above water.  And while you show up early, stay late, and take on extra assignments, you’re still stuck with the same question. 

What else can I do to move forward in my career?

The answer is to invest in yourself.  And the best way to invest in yourself is to learn the only skill that is valued in every industry:


You might think you’re pretty good at presentations.  After all, you don’t get overly nervous beforehand, you don’t make big mistakes, and you think some of your audience may even pay attention. Sadly, it’s not enough these days. 

It’s not enough to not be nervous, to not make big mistakes, or to have some of your audience pay attention.  To move forward with your career you need to radiate confidence, speak flawlessly, and have the eyes and ears of every audience member on you at all time. 

Unless you can do this, you’re passing up valuable opportunities every time you walk into a meeting, pickup on a conference call, or meet face to face with a client or prospect.

There are many ways you can improve your presentations.

What sets our Master Speaker Online program apart is how we help you improve.



Master Speaker Online

  • Speak with confidence and move naturally

  • Accurately gauge your audience’s reactions

  • Deliver clear and unforgettable

  • Spend less time and effort preparing

  • Impress your co-workers, bosses, and clients
Effective Method

The Master Speaker Online program is devoted to the only method that has been proven effective.


We combine world class lessons from TJ Walker with the powers of the internet to bring you the only program that allows you to practice whenever and wherever.

How do you practice on the internet?

You record yourself.

All reputable presentation trainers record their clients to show them what they look like to everybody else. You can do the same thing with the Master Speaker Online program, but with your webcam and mic. The lessons will help guide your practice sessions by helping you identify what's good, what's bad, and how you can be better.

It's also the only program that allows you to track your own progress. After using the Master Speaker Online program you'll be able to compare the old you and the new you.

No other program can show you the results like we can.


Learn. Practice. Succeed.

  • Gain insight into the proper mindset behind giving great presentations  
  • Identify your weaknesses so you can eliminate them

  • Find your strengths so you can play them up

  • Apply what you’ve learned using our practice tools

  • See real results by comparing past videos with current ones
Convenient All You Need

We know that it's tough to improve your presentations. That's why we made the Master Speaker Online program easy to use.

You most likely have everything you need already.

Do you have the following?

1. A computer with internet access

2. A webcam

3. A microphone

If so, then you can sign up right now.

We also take travel and time out of the equation by offering it online. We know that most people can't justify traveling to improve their presentation skills, much less spare a week, day, or even an hour from their busy schedules.

All of our lessons are only a few minutes long so you can squeeze them into your hectic days with no problem at all. And because it's all online, you can access it from anywhere, even from the road.

With the Master Speaker Online program we make it so easy for you to improve, there isn't any reason why your next presentation can't be your best ever.


Your Time, Your Terms

  • Learn and rehearse whenever you have the time

  • Work on your presentations from your home, the office, or even while traveling

  • Use it with any computer that has a webcam, microphone, and the Internet

  • Lessons are short and straight forward so you can watch them during lunch, between meetings, or just before bed
Affordable Bonus Training Materials

Presentation training is expensive. Workshops and private consultations can cost thousands of dollars. Add in the cost of travel if you don't happen to live near a training site, and you're spending a small fortune.

The Master Speaker Online program is different. You can use our program for more than a year and not come close to the cost of other training options.

And if you order today, you'll get our bonus training materials. This includes all three of our books and our presidential DVDs.

We're also going to give you access to our Presentation eTraining Desk. With this you'll be able to email us questions specific to your presentations and one of our trainers will get back to you within 24 hours with sound answers and sage advice.

In addition, you'll receive our weekly newsletter which is filled with up to date presentation techniques and helpful hints.

We'll also include our Tic Buster System. You can use these to help you get rid of "Uhs" "Ums" and "Ers" so your next presentation will come out flawless.

Lastly, if you stick with the program after four months, we'll reward your commitment by giving you $200 off of our Master Speaker Workshop and $200 our Media Master Workshop. With the Master Speaker Online program and one of our Master intensive workshop, there's no question you'll be be a better speaker no matter what industry you're in.


Bonus Training Materials

  • TJ Walker's Secret to Foolproof Presentations (Autographed Book)

  • Presentation Training A-Z (eBook)

  • Media Training A-Z (eBook)

  • TJ Walker's Secret to Speaking like Obama (DVD)

  • TJ Walker's Secret to Speaking like Reagan (DVD)

  • Presentation eTraining Desk

  • Weekly email presentation tutorials

  • Tic Busters System

Give us a call at 800.755.7220 or +1 212.764.4955 for more information.

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