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Today's Featured Guest:

This infomercial was produced with the support of the Jewish
Vegetarians of North America (JVNA) using a grant from NALITH

Click Here to Listen to Dr. Schwartz explain the latest on Vegetarianism
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Dr. Schwartz is a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at the College of
Staten Island and the author of 3 books:
1. "Judaism and Vegetarianism"
2. "Judaism and Global Survival"
3. "Mathematics and Global Survival"

He has over 90 articles and book reviews on the internet at
relating Jewish values to health, nutrition, the treatment of
animals and environmental issues.

Prof. Schwartz frequently speaks about and contributes articles on
health, environmental,and animal-related issues, often with a Jewish

Contact Information:

                                    Richard Schwartz

                                    Phone: (718)982-3621
                                    c/o College of Staten Island
                                    2800 Victory Boulevard
                                    Staten Island, NY 10314 Room 1S-222

Debate/Discussion Topics

1. Vegetarianism for a Healthier You and a Healthier Planet.
2. Should Jews be Vegetarians?
3. What Diet Does God Prefer for Humans?
4. How to Stop Eating Foods that are Killing Us and Destroying
the Planet.
5. Religious Responses to Local and Global Environmental Threats.

6. Judaism and Animal Issues.

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