Media Training and Presentation Skills Development

Online Client Resource Center/Media School

Welcome to the TJWALKER Media School for clients. This resource is to help clients become better prepared for an actual live one-on-one workshop or group seminar with TJ Walker.

Please try to start this online course at least 30 days before your scheduled training session with TJ Walker. (You may come back anytime within one year to refresh yourself on select topics)

You need a FREE Real One player to listen to these audio classes. (Click here if you don't already have one)  

Week One

Monday            Clothing/appearance
Tuesday           Body movement
Wednesday        Energy
Thursday           Makeup
Friday               Nerves

Week Two

Monday            3-Point Message
Tuesday           Tough questions
Wednesday       Sound bites
Thursday          Crisis
Friday              Live versus tape

Week Three

Monday            Talk radio
Tuesday           Nasty hosts/callers
Wednesday       Print press
Thursday          Getting into the media
Friday              Instant response-instant availability

Week Four

                Monday             Press releases
                Tuesday            Writing letters to the Editor
                Wednesday        Media resume
                Thursday           Advanced tips
                 Friday              Getting invited back


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