Deluxe Private Presentation Training Package

If you are serious about improving your public speaking skills in the most dramatic way possible and in the shortest period of time, then a personalized, one-on-one or group presentation training session with me, is the way to go.

You get my undivided attention for one or two days and you draw upon my experiences of having trained more than 10,000 CEOs, business executives, civic leaders, Presidents of countries, Prime Ministers, Nobel Peace Prize winners, US Senators, Professional athletes and Miss Universes for the last 30 years.

I help you reach the following 4 goals, quickly:

  1. How to look comfortable, confident, relaxed and authoritative in any speaking environment.
  2. How to make sure your audience really understands you.
  3. How to make sure your audience remembers your key messages.
  4. How to increase the odds that your audience will take the actions you want them to take.

Are these your goals?


After working with many people just like you for the last several decades, I’ve found that the old approach of just spending a day with you, getting you on camera 2-4 times and critiquing you doesn’t really create new or long-lasting skills. So I have created a better, more comprehensive, blended learning experience.


Step 1

A couple of weeks before the training date, I send you my two of my presentation training books “TJ Walker’s Secret to Foolproof Presentations” and “Public Speaking Success: How Anyone Can Become A Better Presenter In 20 Minutes.” This gives you the intellectual framework for understanding core presentation skills concepts in advance of our training. This means less time of me lecturing during our training day, and more time for you on camera doing sample presentations, actually improving.

Step 2

I send you an interactive online presentation training school that has additional video and audio tutorials.  Plus you’ll get homework assignments that show you how to record your messages and critique your own videos.

Step 3

We’ll schedule and have a pre-training conference call to answer your questions and concerns and to talk in more detail about the training.

Please note: None of the pre-training work is required of you, but learning how to be great at presentation skills is like any other skill in life; the more time you put into it, the better results you get!


Step 4

The in-person training day (or two days) arrives. Our training time together is filled with you giving real-life presentations, speeches and/or PowerPoint talks.  These are all video recorded and critique together. You will be videotaped and critiqued at least 10 times per day! This is the key to your rapid skill acquisition and part of what differentiates us from other training firms.


The end of the day of training is, unfortunately, where most public speaking experiences end.

This means the trainees’ skills peak and steadily atrophy for months until the newly acquired skills disappear all together.

We have a different system!
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Post Training Steps
(One Year-Long Process)

Step 5

Any presentation you do for the next year can be and should be rehearsed on video inside the Media Training Worldwide online presentation school.

Step 6

You can send an unlimited number of videos of your presentations (or rehearsals) to me and I will give you a personalized critique. I won’t just send you an email note, I will actually produce a video showing you what you did well and where you need to improve.

Step 7

Continuous multimedia learning. I will send you monthly, weekly or even daily presentation training videos via RSS and social media so that you can continue to learn, improve and hold yourself to high standards.

Step 8

Video online Helpdesk. If you send me any question on any aspect of presentation training, I will personally answer you, in video, so that I can demonstrate exactly what you should do.



This comprehensive eight-step process is designed to help you make dramatic short-term improvements in your presentation skills and significant, incremental, long-term improvements in you presentation skills for an entire year, and beyond. I look forward to the prospect of working with you.

TJ Walker