One fifth of house Republicans are sleeping in their offices

This is supposed to be some noble sign of frugality, but I confess this has left me scratching my head. These freshmen (all but 2 are Republicans) are trying to look frugal, but I think they look silly and even greedy.

After all, the congressmen (and it is only men doing this nonsense), are paid $174,000 a year and have benefits that boost their pay package to over $200k a year. Compare this to the average voter who has a family income of around $50,000 a year and yet the average voter can’t shack up in his or her office). If you can’t afford a small studio apartment for when you are in Washington on a salary that is 4 times your average constituent’s salary, maybe that’s a sign you shouldn’t be trusted with budging taxpayer money?

Most of the congressmen who are using their offices as their full-time live in apartments are the same people who constantly like to jibber jabber about their belief in the “original intent of our founders.” Can someone show me where our founders originally intended to have congressmen sleep in their offices?

Frankly, this is a scandal waiting to happen. Aren’t these congressmen really taking an unjustified housing allowance? Shouldn’t they pay rent to taxpayers for time they are in the offices and not actually doing work? Aren’t these congressmen unfairly stealing electricity, heat and air conditioning form taxpayers?

Sometimes cheap media gimmicks don’t end up being so cheap.

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