The Future of Internet video on Public Speaking Blogs

I’ve just gone through a list of 70 of the top public speaking blogs. I was struck by how few actually had experts speaking about speaking in a video or audio format.

As much as youtube and internet video get attention these days, text is still the default medium for people who wish to communicate ideas on the web. How much longer will this be the case? I started doing an Internet radio talk show in 1998—nobody listened. In 2000 I started a daily video and audio political blog—no one watched. Three years ago, I started doing daily speaking video segments on The Speaking Channel. The audience has been, shall we charitably say, less than Superbowl sized.

I continue to do daily videos at the Speaking Channel, but now I am about to start new regular video and audio segments here at Even though it is easier to simply type, I find that speaking is always going to be the best medium for talking about speaking. Please let me know what video segments you would find most helpful in a blog about public speaking. Either post a comment below or send me an email directly to