Giuliani seems crass with jokes about Canadians coming to US for healthcare.

All of the candidates are coming across as relatively competent, comfortable and credible.

Romney makes a forceful defense of his helathcare policies as governor. Romney seems really smart and forceful here.

Paul has great point on US citizens going to India for heart surgery. He gets angry and seems cranky.

Thompson–seems condescending toward Paul. Thompson makes strong case for using markets in healthcare.

Romney “I like mandates.” Will this come back to haunt him among GOP?

Romney gives an example of someone who makes $100,000–gives the impression he never met anyone who makes that little.

Romeny lost this threat. He got lost in the complexity and seems like he likes taxes, mandates and federal healthcare plans. 

Huckabee sounds forceful talking about 80 percent of healthcare money going to people wo are nearly dead. “it is about a $1000 for a kleeniex in a hospital.”

McCain gives a funny face–every so often that is OK–got it a laugh.

McCain brings in more irreverent humor mentioning SC and Iowa.

Romney defending big Pharma. McCain saying big pharma are the bad guys.